Glen Alex, Author, BCTMB, LMT, KTP

"The best hands in the business!"  ​Mike Bryan, Professional Tennis Champion

"Dearest clients, friends, business associates, and massage enthusiasts,

The Massage Advantage is under fire. Another company new to the Las Vegas area is demanding that I change my company’s name. This company, "...frankly, up until 2017...had not started to acquire market share in Las Vegas." ...ten years after I established and effectively used the name The Massage Advantage.

I have worked hard to brand The Massage Advantage, provided by “The Best Hands in the business”, and earn a positive reputation with local clients and professional athletes. And those of you who know me personally, have received massages from me, and have done business with me are aware that I operate from a place of integrity.

So while the legalese are being hammered out, please don’t be confused by Groupons or erroneous reviews. Name confusion is at the heart of this infringement.

I thank you for your understanding and continued support." Glen Alex

The Massage Advantage is not affiliated with any other company, so please be mindful of our contact information:
Glen Alex, BCTMB, LMT
The Massage Advantage
Las Vegas, NV 89117