Glen's commitment to health & healing is also evident in her charity work.  At least 20 hours per week, Glen volunteers as Executive Director for G. Alex Foundation which promotes health through tennis and wellness programs.  Click for more info:


Glen's Story

Glen Alex, Author, BCTMB, LMT, KTP

"The best hands in the business!"  ​Mike Bryan, Professional Tennis Champion

     A Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist and Kinesio Taping Practitioner, Glen believes in health.  Her lifelong belief in the actualization of Human Potential drives her current work in providing healthy touch.  Of all the human senses, touch manifests creativity and has a healing power that is unmatched.

     Glen also believes that the Human Potential can be achieved through genuine connection and athletics.  ​Her deep understanding of Human Nature and strong desire to facilitate authentic human interaction are manifest in her work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Massage Therapist.

     Inherent in each massage is Glen's respect for each client's condition, muscular needs, and personality.  She provides individualized, caring and focused therapeutic massages to all clients with the goal of empowering them to optimize their physical functioning via massage, education and support.

     Every massage that Glen gives begins with the focused intention of facilitating the client's recovery from injury, improved
range of motion, and relief from mental, physical and

emotional stress.

     Glen added to her volume of work in health

and wellness.  She is now a published author, 

Living In Total Health.  Click for more information.